Minister of Housing: Hosting the "Real Estate Technology" conference and the "Cityscape" exhibition reflects the Kingdom's position in the field of real estate development


Her Excellency Mrs. Amna bint Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, confirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain will host the “Proptic” - “Cityscape” real estate technology conference and exhibition, which is being held under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, may God protect him. It reflects the advanced international position of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the real estate sector, which is witnessing great development thanks to the investment climate that the Kingdom provides for this sector, and the pioneering legislative infrastructure that serves this sector and provides protection and transparency for the rights of all parties and stakeholders.

Minister Amna Al-Rumaihi said that the real estate sector represents one of the main tributaries of the national economy, especially with the government's intention to strengthen partnership with the private sector in the field of social housing, noting that the development witnessed by this sector represents one of the outputs of Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030, which gave this sector a great reward. of its objectives.

The minister praised the great participation of real estate sector professionals and senior speakers at the real estate technology conference, noting that these rich participations contribute to providing real estate plans in the Kingdom with various experiences, through discussion and working papers that include international experiences and expertise in this field, valued at the time. The same keenness of the government and private sectors to participate in Cityscape exhibition, which supports efforts to implement sustainable practices in the real estate sector in the Kingdom.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Planning referred to the keenness of the Ministry, the Urban Planning and Development Authority and the Housing Bank to participate in this important real estate event, to highlight the government's efforts in the field of strengthening partnership with the private sector to provide social housing for citizens, and the planning and urban efforts undertaken by the Urban Planning and Development Authority, and to introduce real estate projects. carried out by the Housing Bank.

Minister Amna Al-Rumaihi indicated that the ministry's pavilion includes a review of the government land development rights program, which was announced to include investment opportunities for the private sector to build 19,000 housing units over the next ten years in cooperation with real estate development companies, where representatives of the private sector and citizens will be briefed on The visions of the ministry to implement this ambitious program.

The pavilion also includes a corner to acquaint visitors with the new financing services recently launched by the Ministry, which include the “Facilitation” program and the “Mazayat of the New Category”, as the Ministry seeks to extend the success achieved by the Housing Finance Exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry during the period from 2 to 8 November this year. Cityscape exhibition, as part of a plan developed by the Ministry to introduce the types of financing and their various purposes.

And the minister added that the pavilion also includes the participation of the Urban Planning and Development Authority by displaying the plans of development projects completed by the authority, including the Bahrain Marina project, the desert den, the waterfronts of the Gulf of Bahrain, the Galali coast, and Algeria Beach, in addition to the Al-Sayah plan, and an interactive screen that displays from During which the Authority will present its projects in the field of urban planning and development, while the Housing Bank will present, through its participation in the exhibition, the remaining plots of the Al-Masyan scheme, and the second phase of the Danat Al-Seef project.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Planning affirmed the ministry's keenness to actively participate in such important events, which highlight the international standing on the one hand, and contribute to the provision of real estate services to citizens, expressing her aspirations that the conference and exhibition achieve their goals, in a way that contributes to enriching real estate plans in the Kingdom.