Charter of Client Services

Our Commitment To You:

  • Receiving you and treating you with care, respect, and cheerfulness.
  • Meet all your needs professionally and without any delay by qualified and experienced staff in the field, while doing our best to meet your needs in a timely manner.
  • Giving priority to the elderly and people with special needs.
  • Providing accurate information about the services provided by the Authority, presenting their requirements in a clear and simplified manner, and clarifying the deadlines for their completion.
  • Hard work to improve the quality and speed of services provided to you.
  • Strive to reduce the number of procedures to provide fast and smooth service.
  • Respond to all your inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • Welcoming your suggestions and opinions about our service provided to you through several channels and giving you the opportunity to participate in the development of our service.

What Is Expected From Our Clients To Provide You With Excellent Service:

  • Provide all required documents and supporting documents upon submitting the application.
  • Inform us in the event of an error or modification in the data and required documents submitted as soon as possible.
  • Respond to our employees' inquiries in a cooperative manner.
  • Appreciating the efforts of our employees in serving you and treating them with mutual respect.

Client Complaints:

We are pleased to communicate with you and hear your suggestions and inquiries through the following channels: