Masterplans Approval

Private sector development project areas refer to wide-scale, multi-use urban projects developed by the private sector. Projects are studied by Urban Planning Affairs in coordination with service entities in preparation for the approval of general plans and detailed schedules by Urban Planning Affairs. Such approval for them may require the preparation of technical specialized studies, similar to special nature project areas.

Masterplans approval procedure:

  • Planning Study Stage:

UPDA Studies the Masterplan projects technically with an extensive study on the extent to which it is compatible with the best application of sustainable practices in the real estate sector, as the authority encourages the establishment of smart projects that are infrastructure-friendly to reduce the depletion of natural resources, with great care to provide the best experience for the various stakeholders, including investors, residents, and visitors of the project. UPDA coordinates with the central planning office (CPO) to provide the relevant government entities requirements, in which the developer should fulfill in preparation for obtaining the initial approval. In addition, UPDA is keen to hold coordination meetings with the developer to explain and clarify all related requirements.

  • Initial Approval Stage:

UPDA presents the project to several specialized committees to obtain required approvals. After which UPDA provides the developer with initial conditional approval of the masterplan that consist of number of technical studies and conditions that the developers must fulfil.

  • Final Approval Stage:

When the developer’s company fulfils all the approval requirements, after which the final approval of the masterplan is issued in preparation for receiving land division applications and building permits applications.

Documents required for Masterplan approval:

  • Developer’s official application request letter.
  • Authorization letter (E-authorization services guide).
  • Copy of Title Deeds.
  • Copy of updated Survey Certificate.
  • Detailed project report.
  • Color-coded land use map (PDF, DWG, DGN).
  • Color-coded map with building heights. (AMSL) (PDF, DWG, DGN).
  • Color-coded map with number of stories. (PDF, DWG, DGN).
  • Color-coded map with Road Network & Widths. (PDF, DWG, DGN).
  • Summary table of land use and areas (PDF, Excel).
  • Detailed Land Use tables with building regulations (PDF, Excel).
  • Project phasing maps. (PDF, DWG, DGN) (if applicable).
  • 3D renders & perspectives.
  • Waterfront regulations, Implementation maps and tables (if applicable).

  • Service level agreement (SLA):

    • 106 working days.
      The time period is calculated for work procedures within the Authority only.

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