Parcel Adjustment

To study the modification of the status of government/private plots in coordination with the services entities in favor of planning and developing of the area and the its road network.

Required Document:

  • A copy of the title deed.
  • A letter from the owner or authorized applicant addressed to the Urban Planning and Development Authority requesting for to Parcel Adjustment from the owner/authorized(if the applicant is heirs the letter must be signed by all the heirs).
  • A copy of the owner's smart card (both sides) or a copy of the commercial registration for organizations and companies.

If the applicant is authorized to represent the owner:

If the applicant is a company:

  • A copy of the Commercial Register of Companies and Companies with the Registry Extracts among those authorized to sign.
  • A copy of the authorization letter(E-authorization services guide).
  • The authorized person’s smart card (authorized to follow up on the application).

If the applicants are heirs:

  • A copy of the legal obligation.
  • An authorization letter signed by the heirs (E-authorization services guide).
  • Smart card copies of all legitimate heirs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • 25 working days.

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