Programs & Initiatives

The initiative was formed at the request of the Kingdom of Bahrain from the French Republic to provide administrative and technical support in urban planning.


The initiative aims to provide technical support to the Urban Planning and Development Authority in accordance with the guidelines set by the Strategic Structural Plan and the detailed plans of the four governorates. The initiative also aims to improve development in land management and urban planning and to redesign the management structure of the Urban Planning and Development General Directorate in order for it to better focus on its priorities. This is also being achieved by developing mechanisms that improve work efficiency and by designing staff development training programmes.

The initiative has also set plans to develop planning and infrastructure in urban areas, expand Bahraini cities, set a development national strategy based on urgency, prepare urban planning master plans, develop waterfronts by preparing detailed drawings of the waterfronts linking Muharraq and Manama and set conditions and standards, especially for mega projects, heritage areas and green and agricultural areas.