Special Nature Projects Review (SP)

We study and evaluate projects that are zoned within special projects areas (SP) according to the approved zoning maps and projects of a special nature through “Special Nature Projects Review Committee” whilst setting the criteria and construction regulations for each project separately in terms of: use, building ratio, height, setbacks, type of traffic study required (TIA/TIS), as well as other requirements depending on the project’s type and location.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of the title deed.
  • A copy of the owner's smart card (both sides) or that of the person authorized to submit the application.
  • A letter from the owner or authorized applicant addressed to the Urban Planning and Development Authority requesting a special projects approval including an overview of the project. If the applicants are heirs, the letter must be signed by all of them.
  • A report explaining the nature of the proposed project.
  • Architectural maps (PDF) showing the architectural idea of the project. Including: the general site map and plan, the facades, the layout of the parking lots, the building proportions of the project, setbacks, and other maps that illustrate the idea of the project.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the site, including: the condition of the site, the urban shape and fabric, open spaces, the road network, outlets, the pedestrian network, public transport, the topography, land use compatibility with surrounding areas, building heights, conditions (environmental, heritage, social, economic and coastal), infrastructure analysis and community facilities. (Optional)
  • A copy of the latest survey certificate.
  • Previous building permits and official approvals, if any.
  • A detailed table of project areas, for example: floor-area ratio (FAR), gross floor area (GFA) and residential density.
  • The socio-economic impact of the project. (Optional)
  • The nature of the project: In addition to submitting all the above documents, you must provide the following information (so as to study the project from planning, urban, and traffic perspectives):
Land Use Required Information
  • Number of students (full capacity).
  • Number of class rooms.
  • Number of faculty and staff.
  • Approval from the Private Education Directorate at the Ministry of Education (for private schools).
  • For Kindergartens, approval from the relevant section at the Ministry of Education.
  • Illustrative images of the site
Private Clinics
  • Number of doctors.
  • Number of employees.
  • Approval from the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).
Private Hospitals
  • Number of beds.
  • Number of medical staff.
  • Approval from the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).
  • Number of rooms.
  • Number of hotel apartments.
  • Number of beds.
  • Approval from the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority.
  • Number of seats.
Fuel Stations
  • Number of pumps.
  • Approval from the National Oil and Gas Authority and the Technical Committee for Fuel Stations.

If the applicant is authorized to represent the owner:

If the applicant is a company:

  • A copy of the Commercial Register of Companies and Companies with the Registry Extracts among those authorized to sign.
  • A copy of the authorization letter (E-authorization services guide).
  • The authorized person’s smart card (authorized to follow up on the application).

If the applicants are heirs:

  • A copy of the legal obligation.
  • An authorization letter signed by the heirs.
  • Smart card copies of all legitimate heirs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • 45 working days.
    The time period is calculated for work procedures within the Authority only.

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