Traffic Studies Approval (TIA/TIS)

We review the traffic impact studies, which are of two types, Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA), which is relevant to the impact of the project strategically on the road network and main intersections, and Traffic Impact Statement (TIS), which is relevant to the Access/Egress, internal road network and parking details as per the guidelines.

An approval decision will be made regarding traffic studies based on the technical assessment; further modifications might be required for certain studies before they can be approved.

Pre-Qualified TIA/TIS Consultants


  • The project should be preliminarily approved with a condition of preparing a traffic study. 
  • The traffic study should be prepared by a pre-qualified consultant through UPDA.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of the title deed.
  • A copy of the owner's smart card (both sides) or a copy of the commercial registration for organizations and companies.
  • A letter from the owner or authorized applicant addressed to the Urban Planning and Development Authority requesting a traffic study approval (TIA/TIS). If the applicants are heirs, the letter must be signed by all of them.
  • A copy of the latest survey certificate.
  • A letter issued by the Urban Planning and Development Authority requesting the study.
  • A copy of the TIA/TIS report (PDF).
  • A copy of the engineering drawings/plans.
  • A copy of the land-use details table.
  • The contact details of the consulting company that prepared the traffic study (direct contact number and email). The study must be conducted by a consultancy company accredited by the Authority.

If the study is within an approved master plan:

  • The initial approval of the plan.

If the applicant is authorized to represent the owner:

If the applicant is a company:

  • A copy of the Commercial Register of Companies and Companies with the Registry Extracts among those authorized to sign. 
  • A copy of the authorization letter (E-authorization services guide).
  • The authorized person’s smart card (authorized to follow up on the application).

If the applicants are heirs:

  • A copy of the legal obligation.
  • An authorization letter signed by the heirs.
  • Smart card copies of all legitimate heirs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • 35 working days.
    The time period is calculated for work procedures within the Authority only.

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